Braunstone Frith Primary School

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Leicestershire County Cricket

On 12th June our school were very fortunate to be visited by a coach and Charlie, the team mascot of the Leicestershire County Cricket Club.  The coach (Sam) led a KS2 assembly that gave  the children an insight into the exciting world of top class cricket.

The audience were thoroughly entertained, some children were even called out to the front to practise celebrations with Charlie.

There was a question and answer session at the end during which, many of the children asked very sensible questions and of course received very informative answers and information.

Following this, LCC sent a coach out to the school to train the children for 3 whole mornings.

The Year 5 children and the Year 6 children were the ones to benefit from this amazing coaching experience.

The thing I liked is that I was bowling and the main thing I liked was that I tried really hard and I hit the ball for the first time in my life with a bat!

- Savhanna Deacon