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Community Leadership

At Braunstone Frith Primary School our children have different roles and responsibilities to contribute to school life and the ethos of the school.  We always try to ensure we are Positive Thinkers and Lifelong Learners and strive to use our GRIT and Growth Mindset in everything we do. 



  • Year 6
  • The adults responsible for Prefects are Year 6 teachers - Mrs Grant, Mrs Murray, Mr Taylor, Miss Ground and Miss Pick.
  • Prefects are selected by staff for being excellent role models for behaviour, attitude and attendance. Our Prefects always set a good example and wear school uniform, including black shoes, every day. 
  • Prefects perform daily tasks and responsibilities within school such as corridor duty, football pass lists, or reading to younger children.
  • Prefects have a special badge on their lanyard.  They have other rewards too such as getting to go in first for lunch and a Prefect Picnic.


Eco Warriors

  • Year 6
  • The adult responsible for Eco Warriors is Miss Coombe.
  • Eco Warriors are responsible for looking after our school environment and thinking of ways BFPS can be more sustainable.
  • Eco Warriors perform daily tasks and responsibilities within school such as recycling, switching off lights and tidying the school.
  • Eco Warriors have a special badge on their lanyard. They also get to go on fun Eco trips to learn more about environmental issues and how to help our school use more sustainable energy.  Come and take a look at our Eco Board in school to see the projects we are working on!
  • Last year, the Eco Warriors helped to plan an Eco Day in school where they ran a Fair Trade tuck shop and interviewed staff and children about reducing, reusing and recycling. Children all wore green and brought in £1.  This was put towards our school funding for developing our playground and external school environment.  Eco Day was such a success; we will be doing it again this year!
  • The Eco Warriors work with Lee Jowett from the Local Authority to discuss ways to make our school more Eco-Friendly.  Recently they have been working on using the programme Dynamalite to analyse our energy and water usage in school.
  • Last year, our school achieved the Bronze Eco Award in the Summer Term.
  • This year our school achieved the Silver Eco Award in February 2018! 
  • We are now aiming for our Gold Green Flag Award by the end of this academic year.
  • BFPS are also an Ashden Less CO2 school, meaning we are looking at ways to save energy and be more sustainable.

Here's a link to our Awards Page! 


School Council

  • Years 1 to 6. Two children are selected from each class.
  • The adult responsible for School Council is Miss Grant-Dovey.
  • The School Council are responsible for helping to make decisions in school and giving our pupils a voice that can be heard and listened to.
  • Last year, the School Council worked really hard to develop our school playgrounds in Foundation Stage, Key Stage One and Key Stage Two. They took votes on what children would like and were part of important budget meetings.  Come and see our fantastic new play equipment! 
  • School Council members have a special badge on their lanyard.

Red Hats

  • Year 5
  • The adult responsible for Red Hats is Mr Naylor.
  • The Red Hats help to make our lunchtimes safe and fun. They visit the Key Stage One and Foundation Stage playgrounds and also help out in the dining hall. 
  • Red Hats teach games to younger children and try to make sure nobody is left out. They also help to make sure children are safe and take them to medical if anyone gets injured.  They are a friend to everyone.
  • They wear a special red hat so that they are easily identified.


Playground Leaders

  • Year 5
  • The adult responsible for Playground Leaders is Mr Booth.
  • The Playground Leaders help to make our lunchtimes safe and fun. They work with Key Stage Two children.
  • Playground Leaders get out the play equipment and put it away. They work with dinner staff to set up games such as obstacle courses or parachutes.  They also make sure children are playing with equipment safely.
  • Playground Leaders have a special badge on their lanyard.


House Captains

  • Year 6.
  • The adult responsible for House Captains is Mrs Murray.
  • The House Captains represent each of our houses: Red, Yellow, Blue, Green
  • House Captains are responsible for leading a team on Sports Day. They also help with other sporting activities. 
  • House Captains have a special badge on their lanyards.


Digital Leaders

  • Key Stage Two – Years 3, 4, 5 & 6.
  • The adult responsible for Digital Leaders is Mr Vaitha.
  • The Digital Leaders take on various projects related to computing throughout the year
  • Digital Leaders set up interactive competitions, record and photograph assemblies, set up displays to showcase children's achievements and help support learning through their expertise with technology.
  • Digital Leaders have a special badge on their lanyards.