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Year 3

Welcome to the Year 3 page!

Year 3 has three classes;

3SA, 3C and 3R


The teachers will tell you about their classes and will be uploading pictures and information about their learning as the school year progresses. 

Have a look at some of our fabulous learning...




 Year 3 Learning Themes Autumn 2019


Oracy Driven Curriculum

This year we are developing our Oracy skills as part of our topic curriculum as well as teaching children to make connections across the subjects. We have found that the children really enjoy this new curriculum and having opportunities to speak confidently about the things they have been learning about.  The children are being introduced to timelines and maps to support their learning connections. In addition to this curriculum children also have French lessons and steel pan lessons during the year.

Year 3 – Autumn Term

The children will study 3 topics this term which will combine History and Geography skills:

·         Toys

·         Anglo Saxons

·         Ancient Egypt

In Science, The Solar System will be the topic.


We are following a new scheme of work called ‘Jigsaw’. The topics this term are:

·Diwali – How do we belong? How do different faiths show their belonging? How could celebrating Diwali at home bring a feeling of belonging to a child?

·Christmas – Has Christmas lost its’ true meaning?


We are following a new scheme of work called ‘Jigsaw’. The topics this term are:

· Being Me in My World

·Celebrating Difference


· Basic Skills

· E-Safety

·Search Engines and keywords

·Software Developers

·Networks and Coding


·Dance –Basic skills

·Gymnastics – Basic skills

·Invasion Games – Throwing and catching.  Ball skills. 




Class Information and Expectations

We are looking forward to another exciting year, where your children will be involved in creative, active learning and gaining confidence and skills in the process.

Year 3 Teaching and Support Staff


Miss Allen / Mrs Amir (Mr Taylor) & Mrs Harvey


Year 3

Mr Chamberlain & Mrs Soler


Year 3

Mrs Kaur / Miss Torsvik (Mrs Mckinnon), Mrs Kennell & Mrs Fincham


Year 3

Miss Allen

Year 3 Phase Leader and Assistant Head Teacher

For your child to make the most of their time with us we ask that you can provide them with the following things:


Plain red jumper or cardigan

Dark grey or black trousers, skirt or pinafore

Red checked dress

Sensible black shoes (no flip-flops or strappy sandals)

No jewellery to be worn, only small stud earrings.

You can also purchase embroidered uniform from Uniform Direct.

PE Kits

These must be in school every day.  Children must bring in their own PE kit from home.

PE kit includes:

A T-shirt

Shorts or joggers

Plimsolls or trainers

All children must change for PE. PE kit  must not have any inappropriate pictures or logos.

Each child must have their own Micropore tape if their ears have recently been pierced.  Alternatively, children can take our their earrings for PE.  Only small studs are permitted. 

Book Bag

This needs to be brought to school every day. 

· Inside there are a selection of reading books, a reading record and a reading race-track

· Please listen to your child read at least 5 times a week and sign or initial both their reading record and their racetrack every time they read.



It is very important that you write your child’s name in ALL of their school equipment, clothing and shoes. When things are lost, it makes them much easier to find.


PE Days






Year 3 - Hall 

Year 3 – Sports Hall





Swimming is timetabled for Year 3 during the year, you will receive a letter when it is your child’s turn to go swimming.


Your child will bring home spellings and times tables to practise every week.  Children will also come home with their current reading book.  Children should be aiming to read for a minimum of 5 nights a week for 15-20 minutes each time in order to enter their bookmark into their class Reading Race.  Please support your child’s learning by completing and returning all given homework.  Children who do not return their homework will do it in their Golden Time.

Times Tables

Children are expected to have learned all of their times tables by Year 4.

Log on to TT Rockstars to help your child get faster.

You can also use this page made by our own Digital Leaders to check your knowledge of each set of times tables.


Our positive behaviour system is based around the 5 school rules. Pupils will get their name written on the rule board if they break any of the rules.

The other strand to our positive behaviour system is based around the acronym ‘REACH IT’!

Resilient      Engaged actively      Accountable       Challenged       Have a go

Independent       Teamwork


Children will earn REACH IT points for working towards these areas. They will receive a small reward for every 100 REACH IT points.


Accelerated Reader

Children are expected to read and quiz enough each week to meet the word count threshold. If the threshold is not met, your child will be expected to read at lunchtime (pink readers). The one and only reason for this is the importance of reading in the whole of your child’s education. The thresholds are set weekly and are very achievable if the required amount of reading is completed.

Please come and talk to a member of staff if you have any questions about anything listed above. We look forward to another enjoyable term of learning with your children.

Thank you for your continuing support,

Year 3 Staff.