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Year 5

Welcome to the Year 5 page!

Year 5 has three classes;

5B, 5G and 5L



As with the rest of the school, Year 5 are continuing a new scheme of work in Numeracy. This scheme is called Singapore Maths. Singapore Math are structured lessons that help the children to explore everyday Numeracy using equipment and pictures.

This term Year 5 started with working with numbers up to one million through place value work. Then, the children worked on their addition and subtraction. Here are some of the questions a child in year 5 may be expected to answer.

What is the value of the 6 in 506,794?
Can you round 137,985 to the nearest 10,000?

The children will then move on to multiplication and division, and then end the term with solving word problems.

Children in year 5 are expected to know all of their times-tables up to 12 x 12. 


In Literacy Year 5 have been aspiring to become budding journalists. The children have been researching and writing reports on famous astronauts Tim Peake and Neil Armstrong. The children highlighted the features of a newspaper report and explained why these were important.

The children will then move on to persuasive writing, so don't be surprised if they manage to persuade you to buy them a new bike for Christmas!

Next the children will try their hand at non-chronological reports, diary entries and fictional writing.

In addition, the children have grammar, handwriting and spelling practice each day.


This term the children will be learning that in fact, the sky is not actually the limit, as they investigate the endless frontier that is SPACE. They will learn about the structure of the Earth, including how our understanding of our place in the universe has changed over time.

Children will be given a homework at the start of term on their new topic so that they can further enhance their understanding of new and exciting topics. Children can choose their own task based on whether they prefer an artistic, written or physical approach.


Upcoming topics for the rest of the year include:

  • Ancient Egypt
  • The Anglo-Saxons
  • World War II
  • Brazil
  • Rainforests


In P.E. we will be learning about; Gymnastics (balance flexibility and developing muscular stamina), Basketball and Hockey (passing, dribbling and shooting skills, and applying them in a game), Dance (dancing to tribal music).


In French, the school is lucky enough to have a specialist teacher, Mrs (or Madame) Patterson, who leads all French lessons throughout the school. In year 5, the children will learn about numbers, colours and body parts. They will also go on to learn the weather and begin to string phrases and sentences together.


This term the children have had a visit from Kirsty, a Community Support Police Officer and we had the opportunity to learn and talk about how to keep safe in and out of school as well as on the internet. In Year 5 we are all now part of the Keep Safe Club. Here are some pictures of her visit. 

In Year 5 we enjoy going on trips to learn about our topics. This term went on a trip to the National Space Centre. Check out our 'out of this world' pictures.