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Oracy Driven Learning

We believe that teaching our children the skills to be successful orators will enable them to reason, negotiate, present and explore ideas that will support their learning across the curriculum and will prepare them for life in modern Britain. Our Oracy Driven Curriculum allows our children to learn to talk and learn through talk so that they have the skills and confidence to use their voice effectively, respectfully, responsibly and with purpose.


Oracy is integral to our learning behaviours in the classroom. Our children are taught how to listen to each other and hold discussions in pairs and small groups. Our discussion guidelines, displayed in every classroom, help our children to remember how to be a respectful participant in every discussion they have. This means that children are able to share ideas effectively and learn from each other. In addition to our focus on discussion, we are beginning to work on our more formal speaking skills allowing us to present our learning, beliefs and attitudes to others in a meaningful and engaging way. We hope that these skills can also be used outside the classroom to help our children to be polite and respectful towards others.

Braunstone Frith Primary School is proud to be a hub school as part of the Leicester City Schools Oracy project, Voice Leicester. We lead a network of local schools to share our ideas and ways of working.