Braunstone Frith Primary School

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Open Afternoons & Parent Spotlight Sessions

As part of the school's ethos of Positive Thinkers and Lifelong Learners, we arrange open afternoons, parent spotlights and parents evenings throughout the year.

Spotlight sessions are an excellent opportunity for parents to see the particular areas of learning that the school is focusing on and helps them support the learning happening at school.

Here are the dates for open afternoons and spotlight sessions currently scheduled:


Type of session

Wed 13th Sept Spotlight Times Tables
Mon 25th Sept Spotlight KS1 Spelling
Tue 10th Oct Parents Evening
Wed 11th Oct Spotlight KS2 Spelling
Wed 11th Oct Parents Evening
Wed 25th Oct Spotlight FS Phonics / Writing
Wed 1st Nov Spotlight Multiplication / Division
Wed 8th Nov Spotlight FS Phonics or Writing
Mon 13th Nov Spotlight KS1 SATS (Year 2)
Mon 20th Nov Spotlight KS2 SATS (Year 6)
Fri 15th Dec Open Afternoon Christmas