Braunstone Frith Primary School

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We all welcome you to Braunstone Frith Primary School Staff:

Senior Leadership Team


Mrs A Smith

Deputy Head

Miss Wood


Deputy Head

Mrs Grant


Assistant Head
(Foundation Stage)

Mrs Duggan


Assistant Head
(Key Stage 1)

Mrs Severn


Assistant Head
(Year 5 & 6)

Mrs Mckinnon

Coaching and Mentoring

Assistant Head
(Year 3 & 4)

Miss Allen

Assessment / Music


Ms Coombe

Staff Throughout School, PPA Cover, Interventions

PPA Cover

Mrs Cox, Mrs Grant-Dovey
Mrs Barnes, Mrs Harvey

Family Support

Mrs Gibson


Mrs Jeffery

PE/Sports Specialist

Mr Whitmore

Computing Support

Mr Vaitha

Accelerated Reader

Mrs Grant-Dovey

Behaviour Support

Mrs Winter


Mrs Patterson

Reading Recovery

Mrs James

Speech & Language

Mrs Lowne

Foundation Stage

F1 Teachers
F1 Support Staff

Miss Watts
Mrs Savage, Mrs Hill

F2 Teachers
F2 Support Staff

Miss Bingley, Mrs J Smith, Mrs Tonks, Miss Mullings, Mrs Duggan
Miss Church, Mrs Mee, Mrs White, Mrs Oates, Mrs Cornish, Miss Greengrass

Key Stage 1

Year 1 Teachers
Year 1 Support Staff

Mrs Kaur, Miss Manwaring, Miss Croft
Mrs Baker, Mrs Hallisey, Mrs Canavan, Mrs Clarke

Year 2 Teachers
Year 2 Support Staff

Mrs Pegg, Miss Torsvik, Miss Allsopp, Mrs Severn, Mrs Scott
Miss Manani, Mrs Phillips, Mrs Moult

Key Stage 2

Year 3 Teachers
Year 3 Support Staff

Miss Basset, Miss Roberston, Miss Allen
Mrs Kennell, Miss Hanna, Miss Rowley

Year 4 Teachers
Year 4 Support Staff

Mrs Glover, Miss G Fitzgerald, Mr Naylor
Miss Turner, Miss D Fitzgerald, Mrs Fincham, Mrs Morris

Year 5 Teachers
Year 5 Support Staff

Mr Booth, Mr Lee, Miss Gangat
Mrs Bates, Miss Soler, Miss Vasram, Mrs Pring

Year 6 Teachers
Year 6 Support Staff

Miss Ground, Mrs Murray, Miss Pick
Miss Grant, Mrs Holyland, Mrs Perkins

Administrative Staff

Office Manager / Attendance Officer

Mrs Mullings


Mrs White


Mrs Cudd

Office Staff

Mrs Naughton, Miss Godfrey

Premises Officer

Mr Lawrence, Mr Hollingsworth

Lunchtime Manager

Mrs Canavan

PA to the Headteacher

Mrs Burt

Family Support

Mrs Gibson

Lunchtime Staff

Mrs Canavan

Mrs Church

Mrs Gartrell

Miss Hayes

Mrs Hill

Miss Byrne

Miss Manani

Mrs Naughton

Miss Flannery

Mrs Williams

Mrs Sargent

Mrs Soler

Mrs Rogers

Miss Watling

Mrs Bates

Mrs Cornish

Miss Fitzgerald

Mrs Fung

Miss Godfrey

Miss Grant

Miss Greenaway

Miss Hanna

Mrs Holyland

Mrs S Kaur

Mrs Kennell

Mrs Phillips

Mrs Pring

Miss Turner

Miss Vasram

Cleaning Staff

Miss Palmer

Miss Chambers

Miss Hayes

Mrs Sargent

Mrs Tewley

Mrs S Kaur

Mrs Wiersin

Mrs Cave

Kitchen Staff

Mrs Lawrence

Miss Chambers

Mrs Hickey

Mrs Williams

Mrs Lydon