Braunstone Frith Primary Academy invests in children’s home learning by providing high quality resources that can be accessed both at school and at home. Home Learning is very important for our children to practise fundamental skills such as; spelling, reading and times tables. Videos and articles are expected to be read or watched at home so that children are ready to learn and dig deeper during whole class teaching. To support pupils with this every child in Key Stage 2 is given a chrome book to use in school and at home.

Your child’s teacher will expect the following:


That parents have read a shared book and a library book for enjoyment with their child.
That each child has read their phonic book to a parent or carer.

That each child practises the phonic sounds that have been taught.
That each child completes weekly homework activities in their homework book.

Key Stage 1:

Children will get weekly maths, phonics and spelling activities to complete in their homework book.

Children will also come home with their current reading book. This book matches the phonics phase each child is working on or their reading level. Children should be aiming to read for a minimum of 5 nights a week.

Key Stage 2:

That each child reads for 20 minutes 5 times a week
Each Child will have either an Accelerated Reader levelled book or a Phonics book matched to the sounds taught.
That each child practises and learns their spelling list each week – Spelling Shed can help with this.
That each child should practise their times tables – TT Rock Stars can help with this.
That each child watch or read an article linked to learning in school.