Data Protection changed across the UK from 25 May 2018.

Here at Braunstone Frith Primary School we have created this page to answer all your data protection questions.

Data Protection Policy:

In line with the new data protection regulations we have updated our data protection policy and you can view this policy in the policy section of the website or view a copy by clicking on the link below.

Please click here to view or print a copy of BFPS Data Protection Policy.

The Privacy Notice:

The Privacy Notice, details what data is collected and how the school will use your data. It also gives examples of why the data is required. The Privacy Notice also gives information on the process you will need to follow should you wish to view the data that is held on your child.

Please click here to open a copy of the Privacy Notice.

Click here to download a copy of our Subject Access Request Form

Children New to BFPS:

When your child arrives at BFPS you will complete various consent forms with regard to how, when and where your child’s data can be used in school. These consent forms remain in effect for the whole time that your child remains at our school.

Consent Forms:

The consent form lists all the areas that require consent. New entrants completing their paperwork ready for September 2018 will sign this form as part of the enrolement process. All existing parents will receive a copy of this consent form to sign at the start of the Autumn Term 2018

Please click here to view or print a copy of the consent form.

Withdrawal of Consent:

You can withdraw from any of these agreements at any time by completing a withdrawal of consent form.

Please click here to view or print a copy of the withdrawal of consent form.

Further Questions:

If you have any further questions please don’t hesitate to ask our Office staff or a member of the Senior Leadership Team.