Becoming a Geographer at BFPA


Key skill: Locational Knowledge

Visual support: Maps

Our aim is that children who leave our school in Year 6 will be able:

  • Locate key cities, countries, continents and oceans on a map, atlas or globe.
  • Locate key physical and human features on a map, atlas or globe.

Understand the impact of…

  • Erosion is a key process that affects many physical processes.
  • Understand that there is inequality in the world and the reasons for this.
  • Understand that land is used for different reasons including agricultural, residential and commercial.

How our children learn to be a Geographer

The children are investigators of Geography, they investigate the following during their learning.

KS1                                                                KS2


Once our children have a sense of location they are ready to take a deeper dive into human and physical geography. They will begin by using maps, globes and atlases to identify different locations around the world and progress into comparing and contrasting different locations.

Our children are provided with good quality resources and experience as much as they can through first hand through trips. The children learn how to present their learning in both written and oral formats gaining in confidence and becoming purposeful, respectful geographers.