Becoming a Musician at BFPA


Key skill: Pulse and rhythm

Visual support: Pictures of key musicians/genres on the timeline

Our aim is that children who leave our school in Year 6 will be able:

  •  Sing and/or play confidently on my own or in a group
  •  Compose imaginatively using voices or instruments
  •  Use different musical devices including melody, rhythms, chords and structures
  •  Have a range of sound vocabulary and can use it to compare and describe a range of high quality live and recorded music
  •  Understand the relationship between lyrics and melody
  •  Listen carefully to, appreciate and appraise a range of live and recorded music
  •  Have an understanding of the history of music
  •  Use and understand staff and other musical notations

How our children learn to be a Musician

We follow the Kapow scheme of work to deliver our Music curriculum. Children also have the opportunity to learn to play the steel pans.