We are CREW not passengers

It is important to us that our children feel a sense of belonging and that they are taught to be able to work together. Through CREW we aim to develop our children’s agency which is the ability to make responsible decisions and choices rather than accepting those determined by others.

‘Inquiry Mindset – Elementary Edition’ Trevor Mackenzie with Rebecca Bushby’

Instead of simply being part of a class, our children our part of a CREW. Staff teach our children the skills that they need to work as part of a team as well as independently. We call these our REACH IT habits of learning and allow our children to be successful in their learning and in their life. They are encouraged to think about how their actions support each other. Children in our CREWs are taught to critique each other’s work in a kind, specific and helpful way so that they can support each other and help each other create quality work. The children and staff in our school are CREW not passengers.