BFPA Newsletter Autumn Mid November 2023

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Day of Culture

Friday 24 November saw the first Braunstone Frith Primary Academy Day of Culture. 
Our school is such a diverse environment and it was great to see children being proud of their cultural heritage.

REACH IT Certificate Winners

Well done to our pupils you earned REACH IT and Star Reader certificates last week.

Showcase Evening 2023

We had a great time welcoming the local community to our Showcase Evening on Tuesday 21 November. Thank you to all those who attended and to our pupils who demonstrated our varied curriculum brilliantly.

Children in Need

Children from the Resilient Robins enjoyed dressing up for Children in Need and created artwork based around spots!

Dogs Trust Visit

Pupils from Years 5 and 6 were recently visited by Sarah from the Dogs Trust who shared lots of important information about how & when to approach dogs.  She was staggered by the amount of children who were dog owners themselves and described Braunstone Frith Primary Academy as a dog loving community.

REACH IT Certificate Winners

Well done to our pupils you earned REACH IT and Star Reader certificates last week.

REACH IT Certificate Winners

Well done to our pupils you earned REACH IT and Star Reader certificates last week.


Braunstone Frith Primary Academy came together on Friday 10 November in an act of remembrance. We observed a two minute silence before laying poppy wreaths at our Tree of Remembrance.

REACH IT Certificate Winners

Well done to our pupils you earned REACH IT and Star Reader certificates last week.

KS1 Halloween Disco

Things got spooky recently when we had our KS1 Halloween Disco! Thank you for those who attended, we raised £170 which will go towards our KS1 Reading Spine.

REACH IT Certificate Winners

Well done to our pupils you earned REACH IT certificates last week.

Harvest Festival Donations

Thank you so much to everybody that has already brought in a donation for our harvest festival. We are still accepting donations until this Friday (27th October).
Any items received will be greatly appreciated. Thank you for all your support. 3S

REACH IT Certificate Winners

Well done to our pupils you earned REACH IT certificates before the Half Term break.


REACH IT Certificate Winners

Well done to our pupils you earned REACH IT certificates last Friday.


Mental Health Awareness Week

This week is Mental Health Awareness Week and we are highlighting the feelings that we have and how best to cope with them. Please click on this link from Health For Kids which looks closer at our feelings:

There are also helpful links to having a Healthy Mind at

There are some helpful resource for parents on a whole range of subjects available here:

Parents can call the Healthy Together helpline on: 0300 300 3001

Or text Chathealth on: 07520615381

REACH IT Certificate Winners

Well done to our pupils you earned REACH IT certificates last Friday.

Grandma Linda Visit

On Thursday 21st September Year 2 had Grandma Linda in to visit to talk to the children about going to school in the past.

The children all prepared questions and asked them and got lots of interesting knowledge about schools in the past! 

Grandma Linda even showed us the pen that she used to write with!

Open Morning

On Thursday 14 September we welcomed parents into school for an opening morning where they enjoyed taking part in activities and to see what work their child has been doing.

We thank all parents/carers who attended – it was a great chance for them to see what learning looks like at Braunstone Frith Primary Academy.

Activity Hub Appeal
Our pupils identified the need for an activity hub at Braunstone Frith Primary Academy to tackle the very low adult activity levels within the school’s local community.

We need your help in pledging donations for Leicester City Council to develop the project.

Go to Space Hive Braunstone Frith to make your pledge today.

Synagogue Trip

Year 1 had a fantastic trip to a Synagogue this week. The children learnt about the different parts of the Synagogue and were shown the Torah. The children were then able to look at different items that are used in the Jewish faith. We had a great time and learnt a lot.

Clubszone will again be working with the local council for the summer HAF scheme.
The HAF scheme is for children that are pupil premium and receive benefited free school meals. There is NO CHARGE for this service and the children would also receive a free lunch at the club.
Location: Braunstone Frith Primary School – LE3 6NF
Times: Time of the club will be 9am – 3pm each day.
The holiday camps are 5-star rated on Trustpilot and provide many different activities for children of all abilities aged between 5 – 13.
Monday 24th July – Friday 28th July 2023
Monday 31st July – Friday 4th August 2023
Monday 7th August – Friday 11th August 2023
Monday 14th August – Friday 18th August 2023

PLACES ARE LIMITED – book your place by Text 07305270565 or email [email protected].

More details can be found here.


Art Gallery Trip

Year 2 recently went on a trip to the Art Gallery where they got ideas for creating their own Art Gallery in school as part of their REAL LiFE mission. The children enjoyed exploring the different pieces of Art and seeing what made a good Art Gallery.

World Continence Awareness Week

The week of 19th-24th June is World Continence awareness week.

Continence is something that the school nurse team can help families with and here are some helpful links.

Link for advice regarding constipation:

Link for Bedwetting advice:

Link for Daytime wetting advice:

Link to our Healthy Bladder Healthy Bowel presentation for parents:

Link to Eric – the  children’s bladder and bowel charity: Home – ERIC

School nurse contact number: 0116 2153232

Chat health Text service number:  07520 615381


Year 1 Conkers Trip

Year 1 recently enjoyed a trip to Conkers where they took part in fun activities.


New Parent Governor Elected

We are pleased to announce that Gareth Lloyd has been elected as the school’s new Parent Governor. Congratulations to Gareth! All of us at school are looking forward to working with him.

A big thank you to all of you that voted and well done to Niyomi Fife too, the votes were very close and it takes a lot of courage to stand for an election.


Cleaning Position Available

Are you hard working, enthusiastic and possess a ‘have a go’ attitude? If so, we want to work with you.
We have a cleaning position available in school , working hours will be 3.30pm – 5.30pm, Wednesday – Friday.
Interested? Please pick up an application form from the school office, or email [email protected] for an electronic copy.
We look forward to hearing from you!
Closing date for applications is Midday, Friday 16th June.


Saffron Lane Visit

Just before half term 32 pupils from Years 4, 5 and 6 had a fantastic day at Saffron Lane Athletics Stadium.  The children represented BFPA wonderfully where they demonstrated superb REACH IT qualities, particularly integrity, challenge and teamwork.  Well done to each of them for trying their best and achieving so much.

Paiyton and Malaki both came away with medals for their outstanding effort in the long jump and sprint. It was a very warm day and needless to say that by the end of it we were all a little sunkissed.

First Aid

On Friday 19 May Year 6 children took part in some essential first aid training.  It was delivered by someone from The Red Cross, which is a charity that helps to provide life saving skills.

During the lesson, the children explored different scenarios and acted out how to deal with the situations.  They learnt how to care for someone with a burn, a seizure, a cut, a bump on the head and people who have fallen unconscious.  

At the end of the lesson, the children were introduced to a resuscitation dummy (Annie) and had a go at giving it compressions, checking for a response at the same time.

Although the children enjoyed learning these life saving skills, we hope they are never faced with a situation where they need to use them.

Forest School Sessions

Western Park have had a brilliant start to their Forest School sessions. The children have been busy planting and creating objects from natural materials as well as playing games such as ‘123 where are you’ and ‘ladybirds’.

Pupils have used the tools: palm drills, loppers and bowsaws. For each tool they learnt a tool talk so they can be used safely and learnt the ways in which these tools can be used. They used the palm drills to drill holes for their woodland necklaces, they used loppers to chop wood to make frames and used bow saws to make ‘log dogs’.

The children have also learnt ‘square lashing’ and have applied this skill to make scarecrows and frames. Pupils learnt about the Japanese art of Hapa Zome and created beautiful pieces of art using leaf dye. They have had to apply their maths skills of measuring as well as their art skills of colour to create these pieces.

Throughout the sessions the children have shown brilliant REACH IT skills, especially their resilience and teamwork skills. We are incredibly proud of how hard the children have worked during their Forest School sessions and look forward to our future sessions!

Coronation Celebration

It was lovely to see so many parents supporting the Year 6s during the open afternoon.  Everyone worked really hard on decorating their coronation nets.

At the end of the week, the children used their completed nets to create a carry case for their coronation cup cakes – which were delicious!

Let’s hope that King Charles III had as much fun on his special day as we did.

Stephen Lawrence Day 2023

To mark 30 years since the tragic loss, we wore Stephen Lawrence’s favourite colour – orange!

Condover Hall 2023

Our Year 5 pupils scaled new heights in their trip to Condover Hall.

World Earth Day

The theme for World Earth Day 2023 was “Invest In Our Planet”. To celebrate this, on Friday 21st April, the Eco-Ambassadors went to City Hall in Leicester for a Plastic Clever Schools Conference. The conference was the first of its kind, providing schools the opportunity to start their journey towards reducing single use plastics!

During the day, the ambassadors learnt a lot about single use plastics and started to develop a campaign to reduce plastic in our school community.

If you have any ideas on how we could reduce single use plastics at BFPA, please let the Eco-Ambassadors know at [email protected]


We Are Conservationists

Year 4 pupils recently took on a Real LiFE mission to become conservationists. 

The children visited the forest school area to find out the school grounds’ habitat. Year 4 also worked with Earthwatch to plant over 600 trees and shrubs which will create a tiny forest within our school grounds.

Our Real LiFE Missions link children’s learning across the curriculum and in Year 4 Design and Technology, the children have enjoyed designing and building bug hotels in their mini-crews. They had to use many of the REACH-IT attributes in order to successfully achieve the goal together.

The Year 4 pupils brought their computer learning to LiFE by creating Blogs about their Real LiFE Mission. A blog, short for weblog, is a frequently updated web page used for personal commentary or business content.

Our Real LiFE Conservationist Mission has allowed Year 4 children to become advocates for the protection of our local habitats by all taking part in a showcase event where the children shared their learning with their parents/carers.

When the parents of Year 4 came to the showcase event, they were impressed by the children’s passion about being conservationists and protecting local habitats.

Year 1 Storytellers

Year 1 children recently took on a REAL LiFE mission to become storytellers. They thought of different ways they could entertain their community and watched a puppet show for inspiration. 

The children then prepared for their Teddy Bears’ Picnic by filming themselves making sandwiches. Afterwards they edited their films on iMovie, snipping their clips and adding a voice over.

To further prepare for their REAL LiFE mission of becoming Storytellers, Year 1 children worked hard in DT to join fabrics and create their own puppets ready for their show which was performed to parents/carers who visited the school.

After the performance children shared their knowledge of animals and how they made their glove puppets with the grown ups.


Eco Ambassadors

Our Eco Ambassadors recently met with Liz Kendall (who is Labour MP for Leicester West) to showcase the work we have been doing so far this year. She enjoyed learning about our aims to improve biodiversity and how we are going to promote recycling at school. She even tweeted about us afterwards!

The Eco Ambassadors,

Henry, Alfie, Leroy, Sanaia, Yigit, Navin, Grace, Henos, Scarlett, Arhaan, Paige and Iona.

Climate Guardians

On Tuesday 21st March the children in Year 3 celebrated becoming Real LiFE arborists.

They showed their families around our Tiny Forest’ and explained why trees are important. The presentation showcased their wider curriculum learning and ended with visitors planting an acorn and leaving with the knowledge of how to help all plants thrive.


Science Show
Did you know that if the Earth was the size of a marble, the Sun would be a 6 metre wide ball and that they would need to be a distance of 25 football pitches apart?  Year 5 and 6 pupils know this because they were visited by representatives from the Royal Air Force, Royal Navy and BAE systems for an amazing Science Show that explored technology used in our deepest oceans and above us in space.

The children learnt how important communication is when you live in a submarine or a space shuttle but also played games which demonstrated how tricky that communication actually is.

We love our Science at Braunstone Frith Primary Academy so it is always nice to be able to share our enthusiasm and knowledge with visitors: they were really impressed with the questions the pupils asked – we may even have some budding engineers for the future.

International Women’s Day

On Wednesday 8 March pupils came together to celebrate the achievements of women in society. Mrs Tatton was delighted to receive a bunch of flowers from a Year 1 pupil who gave thanks for her hardwork.

World Book Day

It was World Book Day on Thursday 2 March and our pupils enjoyed getting creative and dressing as their favourite book characters.


Safer Internet Day

Tuesday 7 February was International Safer Internet Day and Braunstone Frith Primary Academy pupils discussed how to be safe online and this year’s theme was ‘Want to talk about it? Making space for conversations about life online’.

These discussions included children drawing or writing on a post-it note something that they might see or might happen to them online that they would need to tell an adult about.

They then bought this post-it note with them through an obstacle course of gym equipment. At the end of the course, they put their ‘worry’ into a box that said something they would need to tell an adult about.

Teachers then explained that sometimes it can be difficult to tell adults about worries online but it is very important that you do. This ‘Tell Someone’ box allowed conversations to be started on how best to be safe online.

Tiny Forest Planting

On Wednesday 25 January 2023 the Year 3 and 4 children planted about 400 trees for our Tiny Forest!
We had Marc from Leicester City Council and Emily from Earth Watch to help show the children how to plant the trees and how to look after them in the future.

UK Parliament KS2 Assembly

Key Stage Two pupils learnt about the UK parliament in a special assembly on Monday 16 January as part of learning about British values.

Malcolm from UK Parliament discussed how laws are made with topics being debated by both the House of Commons and the House of Lords.

Pupils enjoyed taking part in debating whether school should be open four days a week with those on stage really getting into character!

Reception Admissions Deadline

Do you have a child starting Reception in September 2023?
The deadline for applications is the 15th January 2023.
Braunstone Frith Primary Academy is an exciting place to be! Come and find out about our REAL LiFE Curriculum that inspires our children to be ‘Positive Thinkers & LiFE Long Learners’. We offer an exciting way to learn that will inspire your child! Our children have individual chrome books to enable them to learn both in and out of school. Book a tour by calling the school office on 0116 2872487 or visit our Admissions page for a direct link to apply through Leicester City Council before January 15th 2023.

Odd Socks Day

The week of 14-18 November 2022 is Anti-Bullying Week where we will be discussing our STOP policy that bullying is Several Times On Purpose and to Start Telling Other People.

To raise awareness of Anti Bullying Week we encourage pupils to wear Odd Socks on Monday 14 November to celebrate what makes us unique.


LiFE MAT Ukrainian Event

LiFE MAT continues to support the Ukrainian community with an information evening being held at The Winstanley School on Monday 28 November 3.30PM-5.30PM where support will be offered in a range of topics from exams, job opportunities to mental health.

We highly recommend that you pre-register your attendance by clicking here.

More information can be found on this flyer.

Remembering Queen Elizabeth II

We were all saddened to hear the news of Queen Elizabeth’s death on Thursday 8 September 2022. On Friday morning we came together to remember the extraordinary life of the Queen by having a minute’s silence a long with an online assembly.

It was announced at the weekend that the Queen’s State Funeral will be on Monday 19 September 2022 and this will be a Bank Holiday. Braunstone Frith Primary Academy will be closed on this day in observance and as a mark of respect.


Fantastic Start to New Term in CREWs

We have had a fantastic start to the new term and it has been a pleasure to welcome back all the children after the holiday. We have also had quite a few new children start and we are very pleased to have them join the Braunstone Frith team.

In school, the children have been working in CREWs to develop their learning skills. This is a concept that was introduced last year but it has now been extended.   CREW time is from 8.30AM each day so it would be great if you could get your children to school as close to that time as possible. We are now going to call them CREWs instead of classes in school – more information to follow, but in the meantime, ask your child about it!