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Braunstone Frith Infant and Junior School celebrating the Queen's Diamond Jubilee
Positive Thinkers and Lifelong Learners’


Welcome to Braunstone Frith Primary School’s website.  I am really excited and proud to share with you all the great things about our school. On our website you will find tips on how to help your child at home, how to keep your child safe on the internet, great educational games to help your child’s learning and information about our classes and group activities.

Braunstone Frith Primary School is a friendly school on the western edge of Leicester City.  We share our site with the Sure Start Centre and enjoy an excellent relationship with them. We have approachable, committed and professional staff; dedicated governors; supportive and caring parents and the loveliest children!

Our aim is for our children to be "positive thinkers and lifelong learners".  We are very proud of this ethos which is commented upon by everyone who visits. Our children are at the heart of all that we do.  Above all we want every child at Braunstone Frith Primary School to be happy.  We want learning to be fun and for every child to do the best that they can. This is reflected in our curriculum which strives to be active, practical and develop a sense of wonder and questioning in our children. 

We are thrilled to share with you that the Infant School has recently expanded to become an all through Primary School from Foundation Stage 1 to Year 6 following the closure of Braunstone Frith Junior School. Prior to this both schools were judged by Ofsted to be good; The Infant School in 2010 and the Junior School in 2013. We are continuing to improve and are striving to give our children the best possible opportunities.

We have a lot to be proud of at Braunstone Frith Primary School! I hope that you will use the website to play a part in our growing success.


Mrs. A. Smith