Naomi Grant

I started working at Braunstone Frith in 2006 as an Newly Qualified Teacher (NQT) at the Junior School. I have been dedicated to the children in this community ever since and cannot imagine working anywhere else. I have always loved being part of the Braunstone Frith team and I am proud to now lead the team as Head of School. I strongly believe that positive, professional relationships are the foundations for all that we do and I strive to ensure that every pupil and every member of staff has a sense of belonging to the Braunstone Frith team.

Izzy Reid-Mackay

I am a parent of four children, who have previously attended Braunstone Frith Primary Academy. I am also a teacher at a local primary school.

I wanted to become a governor to help develop the school so children in the local area get the best education possible. I would like to see Braunstone Frith Primary Academy be an outstanding school and for all children to make good progress and I will support & challenge school leaders to achieve this

Graham Foster

I am a parent governor and I have two children, who previously attended this Academy. I wanted to become a governor to find out what the academy was doing for my children and if I could help in any way.

I would love to see the children’s achievements reflect the work that is being done. I want to show our community that we work as a team and that they understand what governors do.

Ann Paull

I started teaching in 1968 in London. I have taught in primary schools, mainly in Leicester, ever since until I retired in 2015. I was married to a teacher and I have one daughter.

I was very pleased to be invited to be a governor at BFPA and be involved in the strategic overview of the academy. It is exciting to share the responsibility of helping the academy move to outstanding.

I would love to see the academy move from good to outstanding, reflecting the hard work of both staff and children.

Karen Duggan

I am the Assistant Head of Foundation Stage and ICT at Braunstone Frith Primary Academy. I spent 10 years teaching in the United Arab Emirates before arriving at Braunstone Frith Infant School. I am pleased to be part of the Governing Body of Braunstone Frith Primary Academy. The children are at the heart of all that we do and I am proud to be part of that for this academy.

Amanda Scott

I am a parent of 2 primary school age children and work within LiFE Multi Academy Trust central services and I am currently completing my diploma in School Business Management.

Having worked with Braunstone Frith Primary Academy, I admired the passion and determination of the staff to see pupils progress and thrive. I wanted to be part of this and use my background in business management to challenge and help BFPA achieve their ambitions and the recognition they deserve.

Gareth Lloyd

I am a parent of one son, who attends Braunstone Frith Primary Academy. He is entering into Year 4 at the beginning of the 2023/24 school year.

I was attracted to becoming a school governor as a way of helping the school, and its students, to develop – ensuring the best education possible is given. My personal aim is to see happy, educated children reach their potential, with the school’s reputation being held in the highest of esteem.

Conor Woolman

I am a former pupil of Braunstone Frith Primary Academy and I loved the 7 years I spent learning and developing there. I am currently employed as the Facilities Manager for LiFE Multi Academy Trust Central Team.

I am excited to give back my knowledge and experience of being a former pupil as well as growing up within the local community. I want to be a part of Braunstone Frith Primary Academy’s success moving forward and help the students achieve the best outcomes during their time at the School and thereafter.